Author: Broderick Chow

Theatre and Sport Panel: Recorded Talks

Unfortunately, owing to this week’s snowfall across the UK, our two speakers for the Performance and Sport panel hosted by London Theatre Seminar / Dynamic Tensions were unable to travel to give their talks. However, both Solomon Lennox and Claire Warden were kind enough to record their talks to share with an online audience. Please share! Towards a Heterotopology of the Boxing Ring on the Contemporary Stage, by Dr P. Solomon Lennox ‘Rest in peace’: performing silence in professional wrestling Youtube videos for Claire’s Talk: 0:34 (The Undertaker vs. Mankind) 8:44 (The Nexus Invasion — starting at 14:20) 19:19 (Shinsuke Nakamusa...

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Theatre and Sport Panel with Solomon Lennox (Northumbria) and Claire Warden (De Monfort), 1 March 2018

I am pleased to announce an interdisciplinary seminar on Theatre and Sport, in conjunction with the London Theatre Seminar. Our speakers will be Dr Solomon Lennox of Northumbria University, and Dr Claire Warden of De Monfort University, and the seminar will investigate the theatrical/sportive stage of the boxing and wrestling ring. It takes place 1 March 2018 in the University of London Senate House (Room G35). Start time is 6:30 PM. The seminar will close at 8:30, to reconvene in a local pub. Wine and refreshments will be served. Theatre and Sport Seminar: Staging the Boxing and Wrestling Ring The Royale, by Marco Ramirez. The Old Globe, San Diego Towards a Heterotopology of the Boxing Ring on the Contemporary Stage Boxing rings have the potential to be heterotopias, wherein specific and peculiar heterochronic performance practice takes place. Boxing rings as counter-sites are capable of juxtaposing in the single real place several spaces. They are part crisis heterotopia and part heterotopia of deviation; spaces of the illusory and spaces that are other. Boxing rings are paradoxical spaces. They close in on their boxer-occupants to produce feelings of isolation and loneliness, whilst simultaneously providing temporal, sensorial, and spatial openings, which disturb isolating boundaries by producing networks of connection. This paper provides a heterotopology of the boxing ring on the contemporary stage and grapples with the paradoxical nature of boxing rings as heterotopias. The main...

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Event Announcement: Agonistic Politics in Performance, 24 March 2018

The TaPRA Bodies and Performance Working Group and Brunel University London is pleased to announce a second workshop/interim event: Agonistic politics in performance: practices of difference, disagreement, and respect in theatre, dance, and sport 24 March 2018, Brunel University London Organized by Janet O’Shea (UCLA) Keynote Presentation by Alex Channon (Brighton) The global rise of right wing populism has fueled a politics of disrespect in which racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are celebrated as the counter-balance to political correctness, and callous disregard is taken as necessary in a time of precarity. In response to this valorization of vitriol, poster artist Shepard Fairey (2016) argues that the mechanisms of democracy and specifically the creation of public policy require a degree of civility. David Palumbo-Liu (2014), by contrast, maintains that civility can squash dissent, discourage debate, squelch non-mainstream political positions, and maintain the status quo. Indeed, Chantal Mouffe (2013) suggests that the path to true democracy is through agonistic politics, and philosopher Erin Manning (2006) argues for dissensus, rather than consensus, as the basis of cooperation. This one-day workshop seeks to examine politics of disagreement, debate, and “agonistic respect” (Connolly 1993) in the context of theater, dance, sport, and other forms of performance. Performance, and artistic production more generally, has long been considered a site for dissent. However, most studies of dissent in theatre have investigated content rather than form. Does performance...

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The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show: Documentation

The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show was performed on 13 October 2017, at the Anatomy Museum, Kings College London. This one-off performance event brought together athletes and artists to explore the history of physical culture on the theatrical stage. This film, documenting the entirety of the performance, was made by Alexandros Papathanasiou.

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Dynamic Tensions: Physical Culture Performance at Kings Arts and Humanities Festival 13 October 2017

  DYNAMIC TENSIONS: THE PHYSICAL CULTURE THEATRE SHOW & THE GLOBAL TRANSMISSION OF HEALTH, FITNESS & MANLINESS Friday, 13 October 2017 20:00 – 21:30  Anatomy Museum, Kings College London  Strand, London, WC2R 2LS Free, but booking is essential via Eventbrite: Would you like to test your grip against a strongman? Or challenge a reigning champion wrestler? In Dynamic Tensions you will learn the secrets of strength, vigour, and musculation from the giants of physical culture; everything you need to build a new, and better, you. In the 19th and early 20th century, physical fitness was spread internationally through theatrical performances, which included weightlifting, wrestling, strongman acts, gymnastics,...

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