About Broderick

Broderick D.V. Chow (Principal Investigator). Broderick is Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University London. His research explores the way in which social, political and historical forces can be understood through performances of the body. Broderick’s work spans a number of disciplines, including theatre and performance studies, anthropology, and sociology, and he uses mixed-methods, including autoethnography, historiography, practice-as-research and performance philosophy. Broderick is an active performance practitioner, and his research outputs take the form of both written articles and performances. He has published in a wide range of journals including TDR: The Drama Review, Performance Research, and Contemporary Theatre Review, and is coeditor of Performance and Professional Wrestling (Routledge 2016). Broderick is an amateur Olympic Weightlifter and a BWL Level 1 Qualified Weightlifting Coach.